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Adidas "Melee 2"

    Reebok "Melee Legend"      

Dudley "Lightning"



Ed helps seniors with their bat needs since 2011'.

He's played softball since 74'. He is"Surf 88"on SSUSA blog!


  • The Reebok "Melee Legend" is a high performance Sr bat with durability. End load and balanced models.
  • The Adidas "Melee 2" is the newest composite high performance Sr bat with Taylor Made Golf flex in it. If you liked
  • the "Melee Legend", you will love the "Melee 2"! The new "Melee 2" swings lighter than the "Melee Legend".
  • The Dudley "Lightning" is a strong composite senior bat with high performance and durability. "Grip Spin" technology.



 Call or email Ed to order your Adidas, Reebok or Dudley bats!




This web site is not owned or operated by Adidas, Reebok or Dudley.

The "Melee2", "Melee Legend" & "Lightning" senior bats do not have warranties.










The Adidas "Melee 2", Reebok "Melee Legend" & Dudley "Lightning" are excellent senior bats! I have all three in stock.

       - Ed AndrewsHigh Desert Roadrunners,  Desperados,  Florence Felons,  AZ Rangers,  NM Dukes,  Scrap Iron 50's/55's/60's/65's,

Enviro-Vac, BC,  Marauders,BC,  Utah Vets,  OTD,  AZ Legends,  Arizona 55's, Timberworks Construction,  Double Play , One Time,

KRT Financial,  Globe Trailers,  Plaque Attack.

"Mr. Ed Andrews has performed to the same ability that my Reebok Melee Legend 30 has.

Out of the wrapper, my first two swings resulted in a total of 700'.

Mr. Andrews connected deep when he delivered my bat to my hotel over night so I could use it at

the SPA National Championship's in Dalton, Georgia. I will continue to do business

with Reebok thru Mr. Andrews. If I may suggest gentlemen, do the same."

Mike Cuellar, Texas Silverbacks, 50 Major SPA Champions, Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays

"I am extremely happy with Reebok and with the help that Ed Andrews provided.

I will make sure that I buy my new bats from Ed. Once again, he was extremely helpful.

By the way, my new Reebok bat is probably the best bat that I have ever used.

I am now a fan of Reebok and a fan of Ed Andrews. Thanks Ed for all your help and thank you Reebok."

"I'm voting for Ed and I don't care what he runs for, he's got my vote.

I bought a Reebok Melee and have used it for about 175 swings,

hit some monster home runs with it. really like it."

    – Don Angle, California


"Ed Andrews went the extra mile for me, he got my Melee replaced and returned to me when no one

else could. He did this even though I didnít originally buy my bat through him, although the next Reebok

bat I buy will definitely be bought through him or his website. He is a person who has renewed my faith in

my fellow man."

– Rick Epstein, Georgia


"Hi Ed, I bought the Melee Legend senior bat from you in Laughlin, Nevada and used it in the Bullhead City, AZ tournament.

I got the red balanced model. I went 11 for 15. I enjoyed the power and the hits I got with it. In fact, I came close to

having a perfect outing with it. Some of the outs were lucky grabs. I wanted you to know and I am looking forward to

using it in the year ahead. Thanks,"

– Dennis Bohl, Arizona


Great customer service Ed!!! Got my Dudley from you today. I was surprised you remembered me after 4 years between

our conversation last time. Thanks Bro!

– Jose Cotto, California


      I Have Adidas Melee 2, Reebok Melee & Dudley Lightnings in stock!




Ed owns and operates Andrews Real Estate in Telluride, Colorado. He specializes in

fish/hunt, log cabins/homes, land & ski in/out properties. He is the #1 choice.


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