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The Reebok "Melee Legend"

The Dudley "Lightning"

                                             The Gods Sports Company "P-413"



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  • The "Melee Legend" is a composite senior bat with performance and durability. Two models, End load and Balanced.
  • The Dudley "Lightning" is a new composite senior bat and is in great demand. Three models to choose from.
  • 12" End Load; 13" End Load & Balanced Model. Very durable and high performance! New grip spin technology!
  • The Gods Sports Company "P-413" senior bat is a high performance composite bat with a huge sweet spot. It is
  • a one piece molded bat with no end cap and is super durable! It will have a full one year warranty. Coming soon!!!!
  •                   When it is time to order your P-413, remember to check Ed Andrews on the order form!
  •                    I have been helping players with their softball bats since 2009!
  •  Call or email me today to order your Reebok, Dudley or Gods Sports Company bats!
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  •                               This web site is not owned or operated by Reebok, Dudley or Gods Sports Company.
  • The "Melee" Legend & "Lightning" senior bats do not have a warranty.
  • Testimonials
  • "I love my Reebok "Melee" Legend, My Dudley "Lightning" and my GSC "P-413" bats.
  •                       Ed Andrews, One Time, Desperados, Florence Felons, AZ Rangers, NM Dukes, Scrap Iron 50's/55's/60's/65's,
  •                                             Utah Vets, OTD, AZ Legends, Arizona 55's, Double Play, High Desert Dukes, KRT Financial
    "Mr. Ed Andrews has performed to the same ability that my Reebok Melee Legend 30 has.
  • Out of the wrapper, my first two swings resulted in a total of 700'.
  • Mr. Andrews connected deep when he delivered my bat to my hotel over night so I could use it at
  • the SPA National Championship's in Dalton, Georgia. I will continue to do business
  • with Reebok thru Mr. Andrews. If I may suggest gentlemen, do the same. "
  •                         Mike Cuellar, Texas Silverbacks, 50 Major SPA Champions, Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays

  • "I am extremely happy with Reebok and with the help that Ed Andrews provided.
  • I will make sure that I buy my new bats from Ed. Once again, he was extremely helpful.
  • By the way, my new Reebok bat is probably the best bat that I have ever used.
  • I am now a fan of Reebok and a fan of Ed Andrews. Thanks Ed for all your help and thank you Reebok."

    "I'm voting for Ed and I don't care what he runs for, he's got my vote.
  • I bought a Reebok Melee and have used it for about 175 swings,
  • hit some monster home runs with it. really like it."
  • Don Angle, California
  • "Ed Andrews went the extra mile for me, he got my Melee replaced and returned to me when no one
  • else could. He did this even though I didnít originally buy my bat through him, although the next Reebok
  • bat I buy will definitely be bought through him or his website. He is a person who has renewed my faith in
  • my fellow man."
  • Rick Epstein, Georgia
  • "Hi Ed, I bought the Melee Legend senior bat from you in Laughlin, Nevada and used it in the Bullhead City, AZ tournament.
  • I got the red balanced model. I went 11 for 15. I enjoyed the power and the hits I got with it. In fact, I came close to
  • having a perfect outing with it. Some of the outs were lucky grabs. I wanted you to know and I am looking forward to
  • using it in the year ahead. Thanks,"
  • Dennis Bohl, Arizona


  • Great customer service Ed!!! Got my Dudley from you today. I was surprised you remembered me after 4 years between
  • our conversation last time. Thanks Bro!

                                                                               *  Jose Cotto, California



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